Preparing my home for rental

How do I need to offer my home?

Your home needs to be offered clean. Additionally, you have to arrange (extra) towels, (extra) linen, two house keys and instructions in regards to the use of your devices and kitchen appliances, including the required WIFI/TV codes.

Can I rent out an unfurnished and/or padded home?

If you want to rent out your unfurnished home, furnishing services are possible. Clearly, this depends on the rental period.

What about nuisance?

In order to preclude nuisance as much as possible, we will develop a guest profile together. We solely accept bookings from guests that fit this profile. We also make clear agreements at all times, regarding the house rules and we will make sure that these house rules are being followed. Before we accept bookings, we always ask for a written agreement on the house rules. In case there is still any form of nuisance, we will take action immediately.

What about fire safety?

Your home has to meet the fire safety requirements. You need to make sure that there is a sufficient amount of smoke detectors, that the maintenance of your kitchen appliances is up to date, and that there is an emergency evacuation route. We are able to advise you about these matters.

Am I insured?

You are insured through channel such as Airbnb. At Airbnb, you have insurance up to an amount of €800.000. We can not guarantee coverage. The conditions of each channels can be different.

What about pets?

We are able to take care of your pets. A friend or relative can take care of your pets, or we can help you finding a pet holiday home. Guests are not allowed to take any pets with them.

How can I protect my personal belongings?

We can arrange temporary storage for your most valuable belongings. We have secured lockers at our office.

Do I need to inform my neighbors?

We advise you to inform your neighbors beforehand. If desired, they will receive our contact details if any questions or urgent matters occur.

During the rental

How can I look into the bookings?

You will receive login details with which you can look into your bookings online.

Can I visit my own home when there are guest staying over?

Together with the guests, we make agreements about privacy. Therefore, it is not possible to visit your home during their stay. In case of urgency, we can make an exception. When vacant, it is possible to visit your home.

Can I meet my guests?

If guests are open to it, a meeting is possible. Our experience has taught us that guests like to meet the landlord.

Can I cancel the rental agreement?

In case of urgency, cancellations are possible. However, depending on the amount of bookings, we will have to ask for a cancellation fee.

What if there are any damages and/or theft?

Before we start renting out your home, we will look at the current status of your home and furniture. After every stay, we will check the apartment to see whether any damage and/or theft has occured. If this is the case, we will take action immediately.  If the damage exceeds the deposit, we will claim insurance together with you.

What happens to my mail?

During your abscence, we will collect your mail. If needed, we will send it to you.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

We will provide you with the contact details of one contact person whom you can ask all your questions. In most cases, this person is also the contact person for the guests staying in your home.

Financial aspects

What are my financial obligations as a landlord/host?

You are required by law to pay tourist tax. When earning over €31.000,- on an annual basis, you will also have to pay 6% BTW (tax).

In Amsterdam, tourist tax is charged per night when not being a citizen of Amsterdam. This is a fixed percentage (5,5%) of your earnings. If you make use of our services, you can reduce the commission.

Do I need to pay income tax?

Do I need to pay income tax? If you are renting out your home, you will have to pay income tax based on your annual rental income minus our commission. You need to indicate 90% of the received rent, the remaining 10% is exempted.

When do I get paid?

We will payout every first Monday of the month. We will payout all bookings that are finished in the previous month.

How much can I earn?

The rental earnings per night depend on the amount of people you are hosting. Besides, location and quality of your home and furnishing are key factors. You calculate the rental value of your home here.

How is it possible that bnbmanager pays a fixed rate per week?

With our expertise and knowledge of the market, we can make a good estimation of your rental income. This combined with our excellent service, makes us willing to take the risk.

Are there any costs linked to your services?

Are there any costs linked to your services? At bnbmanager, landlords do not make any costs. We will remunerate you with a fixed payment per week, or you will receive 80% of the rental earnings. Also, there are no start-up costs.