We are looking for bnbmanagers in your city!

Bnbmanager aims to be the most admired management service for temporary rentals in Western Europe.  We are looking to spread our wings to new markets, perhaps even yours?

The Market

The sharing economy has attracted a great deal of attention in recent years. Through connecting the online and offline aspects of the sharing economy with a disruptive model, bnbmanager is experiencing explosive growth through servicing platforms that utilize the peer economy.

The product

Bnbmanager ‘s one-stop-shop is a game changer: we welcome guest from over the world and connect them to property owners at every scale, from homeowners to property managers. As city manager you give people the ability to rent out their space to guests without hassle and generate a substantial income though our expertise. And for the guests, our motivated team will ensure a memorable stay.

The entrepreneur

We are looking for City Managers that believe in the sharing economy and have a strong identification with the bnbmanager business model.

As a local bnbmanager you could be the ideal extension of our brand. Your knowledge of the local market, network, culture, language and mentality makes you the perfect candidate to roll out our winning proposition and ensure memorable guest experience and profits for home owners.

Your partner

Bnbmanager will work closely with you to scope your market and outline the timeline of our joint adventure. Our unique corporate identity and visionary team will assist you with setting up your local bnbmanager. Through our experience in setting up successful bnbmanagers in European capitals, our team can provide you with ongoing support and consultancy.  Our marketing, processes and sales manuals will give your local bnbmanager a kickstarter, as well as our assets that we have build up with care.

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